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3rd Workshop on

Optoelectronic Techniques and
Environemntal Monitoring OTEM 2009

Abstract No. Presentation type Paper Title Authors Start End
September 30th, 2009
23 I EARLINET for long term observations of atmospheric aerosol Gelsomina Pappalardo et al. 9:00 9:20
- O EARLINET's ESA-CALIPSO project - overview and results from correlative ground-based and spaceborne observations Ulla Wandinger 9:20 9:40
- O The use of EARLINET data in the ESA-CALIPSO project - feature finding and aerosol typing Anja Hiebsch 9:40 10:00
- O The use of EARLINET data in the ESA-CALIPSO project - feature finding and aerosol typing R. E. Mamouri, A. Papayannis, V. Amiridis, G. Tsaknakis, P. Kokkalis 10:00 10:20
Coffee break 10:20 10:40
29 O Seven years of Raman/backscatter lidar observations of free-tropospheric aerosol layers over Thessaloniki, Greece: Geometrical and Optical properties Elina Giannakaki 10:40 11:00
- O Assessing JenOptik ceilometer capabilities for vertical profiling Stefan Kinne 11:00 11:20
1 O Some results of the lidar investigation of atmospheric aerosol veritcal distribution in Georgia G. Didebulidze and M. Todua 11:20 11:40
- O ChArMEX: The Chemistry-Aerosol Mediterranean Experiment Francois Dulac 11:40 12:10
2 I Essentials of multiangle data processing methodology for smoke polluted atmospheres Vladimir Kovalev, Alexander Petkov, Cyle Wold, Shawn Urbanski and Wei Min Hao 12:10 12:40
Lunch break 12:40 14:30
Trip to laboratories 14:30 17:30
Dinner 19:00 22:00
October 1st, 2009
3 I Environmental monitoring by laser radar Luca Fiorani, Francesco Colao and Antonio Palucci 9:00 9:30
4 O A basic up-gradable lidar configuration for tropospheric aerosols, clouds and water vapor investigations within ROLINET project Marius-Mihai Cazacu, Ion Vetres, P. Ristori, Pascal Mark, Ovidiu Tudose, Adrian Balanici, Doina Nicolae, Valentin Ristici, and Ioan Balin 9:30 9:50
5 O First results of aerosol microphysical properties by 3+2 Raman lidar at EARLINET Granada station J. L. Guerrero-Rascado, D. Müller, F. Navas-Guzmán, D. Pérez-Ramírez, L. Alados-Arboledas 9:50 10:10
Coffee break 10:10 10:30
6 I 2-micron Solid State Laser Development for NASA's 3-D Winds Measurement from Space Upendra N. Singh 10:30 11:00
30 O Notes on temperature-dependent lidar equations Mariana Adam 11:00 11:20
31 O Evidence of extreme events from Multiwavelength LIDAR measurements during the EARLI09 campaign L. Belegante, C. Talianu, A. V. Nemuc and D.N. Nicolae 11:20 11:40
7 O Aerosol Particle Size Distribution retrieval from multiwavelength lidar signals A. K. Jagodnicka, T. Stacewicz, M. Posyniak, S. P. Malinowski 11:40 12:00
Lunch break 12:00 14:00
32 I Combining cw-CRDS and LIF with Laser Photolysis: Kinetic and Spectroscopic Studies of HOx radical reactions Christa Fittschen 14:00 14:30
24 O One Year of Sunphotometer Measurements in Romania Anca Nemuc, Livio Belegante 14:30 14:50
- O H2O Lidar Valentin Simeonov 14:50 15:10
8 O Soot particles surface analysis: from laboratory experiments to field campaigns M. Ziskind, A. Faccinetto, P. Desgroux and C. Focsa 15:10 15:30
Coffee break 15:30 16:00
Poster session 16:00 18:00
25 P The cloud-to-ground lighting activity in Romania Bogdan Antonescu, Sorin Burcea 16:00 18:00
41 P Study over the precipitation events influence on surface water quality using fluorescence spectroscopy E. M. Carstea, L. Cristescu, G. Pavelescu, D. Savastru 16:00 18:00
42 P Chemical Risk Assessment as a tool for vulnerability reduction and efficient emergency planning. Case study: accidental chlorine release Alexandru Ozunu, Zoltán Török, Camelia Costan, Dan Costin 16:00 18:00
43 P Environmental risks related to mining activities from Cãlimani Mountains, Romania Dan Costin, Olimpia Pop 16:00 18:00
44 P Study on risks assessment associated to surfaces water, generated by tailing dams in Baia Mare area Cristina Modoi, Cristina Rosu, Dan Costin, Alexandru Ozunu 16:00 18:00
33 P Possible interactions Schumann’s waves - seismic waves A. Timofte, S. Gurlui, M. Agop 16:00 18:00
34 P The influences of aerosols on the effective thermal conductivity of the atmosphere A. Timofte, S. Gurlui, M. Agop 16:00 18:00
36 P The inverse problem in scattering theory for optical field propagation in certain media V. Babin, C. Radu 16:00 18:00
37 P Reverse engineering for heritage conservation D. Apostol, I. Apostol, M. Bojan, V. Damian, I. Iordache 16:00 18:00
9 P Integrated remote monitoring techniques for urban heat island Daniel-Eduard Constantin, Sorin Cheval, Alexandru Dumitrescu, Marco Esposito, Enzo Magliulo, Ioan Balin 16:00 18:00
10 P Compact Micro-pulse backscatter lidar and examples of measurements in the Planetary Boundary Layer Valentin Mitev, Renaud Matthey, Vladislav Makarov 16:00 18:00
11 P Long term air quality monitoring in an urban agglomeration Francisc Popescu, Ioana Ionel, Nicolae Lontis, Laurentiu Calin, Luisa-Izabel Dungan 16:00 18:00
12 P Air pollution analysis, in western Romania and the necessity of complementary vertical resolved lidar observation Vetres Ion, Ioana Ionel, Francisc Popescu, Luisa-Izabel Dungan 16:00 18:00
13 P Diurnal and seasonal cycle of the planetery boundary layer over Warsaw Michal Piadlowski, Pawel Swaczyna and Iwona Stachlewska 16:00 18:00
14 P Calibration of 1064nm-backscatter profiles with a multiwavelength Raman lidar F. Navas-Guzmán, J.L. Guerrero-Rascado And L. Alados-Arboledas 16:00 18:00
15 P A case study during Damocles campaign - 29th June 2006: lidar, in situ measurements on board aircraft and sunphotometer J. L. Guerrero-Rascado, J. Andrey, M. Sicard, F. Molero, A. Comerón, M. Pujadas, F. Rocadenbosch, R. Pedrós, O. Serrano-Vargas, M. Gil, L. Alados-Arboledas 16:00 18:00
16 P Correlation of sun photometer retrievals and APS measurements during EARLI09 campaign C. Radu, R. Radulescu, Livio Belegante 16:00 18:00
17 P Influence of long-range transported aerosols on local atmosphere from lidar and nephelometer Emil Carstea, Radulescu Razvan, Anca Nemuc 16:00 18:00
18 P Diffusion coefficient of potassium phosphate using holographic interferometry Mona Mihailescu, Raluca Gabor 16:00 18:00
40 P Analysis of seawater pollution using Neural Networks and Channels Relationship algorithms Jeni Vasilescu, Luminita Marmureanu, Emil Carstea 16:00 18:00
Exhibition 16:00 18:00
October 2nd, 2009
26 O Romanian Atmospheric research 3D Observatory: synergy of instruments Doina Nicolae, Jeni Vasilescu, Kerstin Stebel, Fred Prata 9:00 9:30
19 O LIDAR. System implementation and development in Timisoara urban area Ioana Ionel , Francisc Popescu, Vetres Ion, Luisa Dungan 9:30 9:50
20 O Study of cloudiness characteristics over Magurele using ceilometer CL-31 Ioana Ungureanu, Sabina Stefan 9:50 10:10
Coffee break 10:10 10:30
21 I Use of the satellite aerosol product SYNAER for regional scale air quality assessments in Europe through EMEP K. Stebel, A.M. Fjæraa, M. Johnsrud, A. Fahre Vik, T. Holzer-Popp, M. Schroedter-Homscheidt, S. Tsyro, and á. M. Valdebenito 10:30 11:00
38 O Daily air quality (gases and aerosols) forecast using MAP3D: tool description and first results analysis over Switzerland scale. O. Couach, F. Kirchner, P. Porchet, I. Balin and M. Parlange 11:00 11:20
39 O Radon, as a tracer for mixing height dynamics- an overview and RADO perspectives D. Galeriu, A. Melintescu, D. Nicolae, O. Couach, I. Balin, A Stochoiu 11:20 11:40
27 O The role of a new research facility in science promotion and communication Viorel Vulturescu, Florica Toanca, Nicolae Nicolae 11:40 12:00
Lunch break 12:00 14:00
35 O Method for estimating the atmospheric content of sub-micrometer aerosol using direct-sun photometric data Luminita Filip and Sabina Stefan 14:00 14:20
22 O Measuring air pollutants in an international Romanian airport with point and open path instruments Ioana Ionel, Doina Nicolae, Francisc Popescu, Camelia Talianu, Livio Belegante 14:20 14:40
28 O Particulate matter optical properties determined in a few sites of Bucharest Raluca Barladeanu and Laura Mihai 14:40 15:00
45 O Mapping snow avalanche risk using GIS technique and 3d modeling. Case study- Ceahlau National Park A. Covasnianu, I.R. Grigoras, L.E. State, D.Balin, S. Hogas, I. Balin 15:00 15:20
46 O Continuous Fluorescence Monitoring of River Organic Matter Elfrida M. Carstea, Andy Baker, Darren Reynolds 15:20 15:40
Coffee break 15:40 16:00
RADO & ROLINET short meeting 16:00 18:00