OTEM 2010

4th Workshop on Optoelectronic Techniques for Environmental Monitoring

19-21 October 2010, Romania, Cluj-Napoca

This year we will meet in Transilvania.
A common session with ELSEDIMA is scheduled for October 21st, 2010.

No registration fee for students!
Invited lectures of world-class experts in remote sensing and atmospheric physics

Presentations, videos and pictures available!

Paper upload

All participants must upload the full papers until September 15 2010 (online upload tool). You will need the username and password received on registration for paper submission.

All accepted papers (max. 8 pages) will be published in the Conference Proceedings (Proceedings format).

Selected papers (RJP format) will be published in Romanian Journal of Physics.


This Workshop is meant to encourage the exchange of ideas and knowledge between various groups of the scientific community concerned by current issues in environmental science, engineering, management and policies.

English is the official language of the ”Optoelectronic Techniques For Environmental Monitoring "

Key speakers

  • Philippe Goloub, University of Lille, France
  • Colin Opie, Dartcom, UK
  • Luca Fiorani, ENEA, Italy
  • Gerhard Ehret, DLR, Germany
  • Ioan Balin, Enviroscopy HC, Switzerland
  • Tymon Zelinsky, Institute of Oceanology of Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
  • Christa Fittschen, University of Lille, France
  • Volker Freudenthaler, Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität München, Germany
  • George Georgoussis, Raymetrics, Greece
  • Valentin Mitev, EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland




Supporting institutions

Norway Grants, grant STVES-115266, proj. RADO

National Agency for Scientific Research

European Commission, FP7 Programme, grant REGPOT-2008-1 229907 proj. DELICE

General contact

Dr. Doina Nicolae
(+40) 314-053303

We welcome any additional financial support which could enable grants for young researchers!